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Seaweed, the NBFC and cow burps.

How timely that on the same week that the National Biological Farming Conference was held in Cairns, James Cook University released their breakthrough study proving that seaweed can reduce methane produced by cattle and thus global warming.

Farmers including many cattle producers from all over Australia converged on Cairns to learn how they can embrace the new age of biological food and fibre production and become part of the solution to saving the planet.

Biological farming is about putting Carbon back into the soil by bringing the soils biomass back to life. At the NBFC farmers learnt how they can over time build their soils good bacteria and capture carbon and nitrogen from the atmosphere using natural inputs such as biochar, compost, cover crops and seaweed.

Seaweed contains substances that promote good bacteria, whether in the soil or in the cow's rumen. As the JCU study found cows fed a seaweed supplement are able to make better use of protein in the feed and so reduce methane production. At the same time micronutrients contained in the seaweed supplement increase the ability of the beast to produce muscle which gives a heavier carcass and better returns for the farmer.

At Norway's seaweed research station they collect all the twin female calves born in the nation, they live in a stall and are given the same diet but one is supplemented with seaweed. Throughout their lives they are monitored for milk and health. The cow fed seaweed lives longer, gives more and higher quality milk, has less disease and over her lifetime produces around 3 calves more than her sister...consistently.

Supplementing livestock with seaweed is a win-win for farmers and for the planet. It will be interesting to see how many farmers and station owners take it up. On the SBS TV programme "For The Love Of Meat" by presenter Matthew Evans the methane story was shown on Thursday 3rd Nov. at 7.30 in the evening. It was truly fascinating and well explained by JCU.

We all now know how urgent it is to reduce carbon and methane in the atmosphere but at the same time we all want to live and prosper. This seaweed breakthrough is proof that we can do both.

Farmers can supplement seaweed and feel good about doing their bit to reduce emissions while at the same time improving their bottom line.

It has to be a win for us all.

Blog post by Liz


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