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10 reasons we believe Seaperia is the "Best on Earth"

1. Seaperia is pure Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed. Ascophyllum nodosum is the most scientifically studied seaweed on the planet and is proven to give greatest results. Many other products contain inferior, cheaper varieties of seaweed.

2. Although it is used as a liquid Seaperia comes as granules and you simply mix it yourself. You can mix your solution to suit your situation - stronger or weaker - and add whatever you want to the mix.

3. Seaperia is light because it has no water. Even large agricultural quantities are easy to work with. It's also cheaper to transport and there are no drums to dispose of.

4. Unlike liquid products, Seaperia doesn't need artificial stabilisers or sterilisers. When added to water Seaperia literally comes to life and starts to work immediately to rejuvenate your plants and soil.

5. Seaperia contains over 60 trace elements and vitamins, vital for healthy plants, animals and soils. At the same time it doesn't contain large quantities of macro-nutrients, NPK, so you don't have to worry about additional inputs.

6. Seaperia contains natural growth hormones, substances that trigger processes within the plant and promote the growth of leaves, shoots and fruit.

 7. Seaperia strengthens cell walls. Stronger cells give the plant greater resistance to disease and fungal attack, as well as resilience against stresses such as drought and frost. 

8. Seaperia becomes part of the natural cycles on your farm. Spray it on your pasture and your grasses and soil microbes benefit. Your stock benefit from eating grass that is higher in nutrients and their super-manure once again feeds the pasture and the soil microbiome. 

9. Food produced from farms that use Seaperia is higher in nutrient density, packed with minerals and vitamins, and that's great for us humans! 

10. Seaperia is sustainably harvested under strict environmental controls and is sold only by us, Seaweed Enterprises Australia - a Dad, Mum and daughter team dedicated to supporting farmers in their quest to find a healthier way of farming.

Blog post by Liz


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