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Essential Elements

The periodic table is fascinating. To think that everything in our lives... E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G-! ... is made from combinations of just 118 different atoms – the elements. Five of them are so rare they have only been discovered in the last 20 years. No doubt there are many more yet to be found.

We refer to them broadly as Trace Elements – they are needed only in trace amounts, and those trace amounts in the correct balance are essential to life and health. Even though trace elements are essential to life most are poisonous in large quantities.

Selenium is a great example of an element that is highly toxic if too much is ingested, and yet tiny amounts are essential for health. Selenium deficiency in humans is implicated in Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, muscular dystrophy, cystic fibrosis and various cancers. Deficiency in cattle is known as the cause of white muscle disease and high mortality rate in calves. Just one tenth of a milligram is all it takes to make a difference.

Cobalt, Chromium, Vanadium… even gold, silver and platinum… incredibly tiny amounts of their organic forms are all essential for health.

So here's the important bit...

Just because scientists have yet to work out how and why some of these trace elements are essential for building and maintaining life doesn’t mean that they aren’t needed.

What we need for our own health and the health of our plants and animals, farms and gardens, are tiny amounts of every element in an organic form, and in balance with each other.  

And that is exactly what we have in Seaperia Seaweed.

Ocean water contains the first 92 elements on the periodic table, eroded over millions of years from the land into the sea. Our Ascophyllum nodosum, which grows in the richest ocean waters just below the Arctic Circle, contains at least 55 elements that are measurable and almost certainly many more.

The trace elements in Seaperia are in an organic form and in perfect balance - simply because they are already part of a living organism.

Organic in this context means the elements are part of molecules that also contain carbon. They are not an inorganic, lifeless, synthetic form that can simply pass through an animal or sit in the soil without any beneficial effects. They are life-giving, organic, chelated minerals.

Balance is important because none of the elements are used alone. If you have ever bought yourself a calcium supplement you would notice that they always contain magnesium, because calcium simply cannot be used by our body if we don't have sufficient magnesium available as well. For us that important balance is 1 magnesium to 2 calcium. 

This is why when Seaperia is sprayed onto a plant or fed to an animal these trace elements are easily absorbed and readily used. Seaperia is packed with organic, balanced minerals. Some we know what they do and a lot we have no idea what they do. But does it matter as long as it works?

Your agronomist will tell you that you need copper, or boron, or any of a dozen or so trace elements. And yes, they are important.

But don’t forget the other 80.

Seaperia will correct deficiencies that you don’t even know you have!

Blog post by Liz


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