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Our Story

At Seaweed Enterprises Australia we are passionate about seaweed. 

But not just any seaweed, we are proud distributors of the very best seaweed you can get - Ascophyllum nodosum, wild-sourced from the ice cold waters of Norway’s pristine coast.

Whether you want your home garden to flourish, have healthier livestock, want a more nutrient-dense and higher yield crop or even to get rid of your dog's bad breath (yep it does that too!) you need Seaperia Pure Seaweed.

Here at SEA, we are proud to be known as the seaweed experts - we’ve been using and selling Ascophyllum nodosum in Australia since way back in the 70s - well before seaweed was leading the regenerative agriculture revolution.

SEA director, Grahame West - often known as The Seaweed Man - first started using seaweed in 1974 after meeting the Wallace family in the Kiewa Valley. The Wallaces were organic Keyline farmers and showed Grahame the Algifert seaweed they were using on their spectacular farm - Grahame wrote a blog about this extraordinary meeting, you can read it here. Seeing their amazing results sparked Grahame’s lifelong passion for seaweed and soon after discovering it Grahame was selling seaweed himself.

By the 80s Grahame’s business - Northland Agencies Farm and Station Supplies - was working with farmers Australia wide, had conducted numerous successful field trials and had grown to become the largest distributor of Norwegian Ascophyllum nodosum in Australia. 

In 2000, Grahame sold the business and moved on to follow other passions, but he never stopped talking about seaweed. Although Grahame had retired, his old customers still regularly rang him at home to ask about seaweed and he was happy to freely share everything he knew about this wonderful natural product.

Fast forward to 2016 when a desperate farmer from western Queensland who was experiencing severe drought got in touch, wanting to know if the seaweed would help her starving cattle. Grahame, knowing it would, enlisted the help of his daughter Liz to try source the pure dry soluble seaweed granules to help the farmer, but they couldn’t find the Norwegian Ascophyllum nodosum they knew and trusted anywhere in Australia.

Liz and Grahame decided they needed to bring this incredible product back to Australia so they could make it available to everyone. They tracked down their Norwegian friends to discover they are now part of a huge company, and while the product is no longer called “Algifert” it is still the exact same pure, natural, premium quality Seaweed that Grahame sold for many years with amazing results. 

So Seaweed Enterprises Australia (SEA) was born - a proud North Queensland family company run by daughter Liz, Grahame The Seaweed Man and his wife Edna - proudly helping everyone from backyard veggie gardeners to large scale farmers produce the best food possible, with Seaperia Pure Seaweed.

Seaperia is a brand you can trust, backed by a large company operating in Norway for 80 years under their country's incredibly high environmental and sustainability standards. Seaperia premium seaweed is simply the best you can get and we are proud to share our knowledge and passion for this seaweed, having seen its benefits first hand for over 40 years.

It’s hard to believe now, but many years ago the Department of Primary Industries threatened to confiscate all of Grahame's seaweed because they said he was making unfounded claims about what it could do! Now government, farmers and communities worldwide have realised the potential of seaweed as we move into the new Regenerative age.
The wondrous benefits of Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed aren’t just for organic farms anymore, everyone can benefit from this super nutrient.

We are proud of the quality of our products, and we are driven to build a company with impeccable ethical standards and a determination to do what is absolutely best for the future of our children and our planet.

And we believe Seaweed is the key.
If you ever want to chat Seaweed with Grahame the Seaweed Man, please do give him a call on 0428 526 224 or email Liz on for enquiries.


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