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About our SEA Hub Farms

Seaperia 100% pure Ascophyllum nodosum products are available only from Seaweed Enterprises Australia. We can send from either our Tablelands or Melbourne warehouse, or you can pick up from one of our SEA Hub Farms.

Our SEA Hubs benefit everyone involved...

  • We all save on transport costs because it's much cheaper to move a whole pallet than a bag or two at a time.
  • You get to see a different farm and maybe some different ways of working.
  • Our SEA Hub Farmers are all actively continuously improving their farm - they're just that type of people and they all enjoy networking and swapping ideas.

We believe farmers learning from farmers is a powerful and vital force.

This is how the SEA Hubs work...

1. See the list below and work out which SEA Hub Farm is closest to you.
2. You fill in and send the order form on the right.
3. We invoice you for what you have ordered.
4. You pay the invoice.
5. We contact the SEA Hub and you to organise a pick up day that suits you both.
6. You drop into the SEA Hub Farm and pick up your Seaperia Seaweed!

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Hi - Thanks for your order. You should receive your invoice within a day. Once it's paid we'll contact both you and the SEAhub so that you can arrange a pick-up day that suits you both. It's quickest to email the bank receipt to once you've done the bank deposit. Thanks again. Happy networking! Liz

SEA Hub Farm locations

Our SEA Hub network is growing - look through the list below to find one near you.

Lindendale/Northern Rivers SEA Hub

Pam Woods
226 Alphadale Road
NSW 2480

Ravenshoe/Tablelands Region SEA Hub

Grahame West
8 Mazlin St
Qld 4888

Mackay/Pioneer Region SEA Hub

Michael Attard
223 North Eton Road
North Eton
Qld 4741

Ayr/Burdekin Region SEA Hub

Scott Harness
28 School Road
Qld 4807


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