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SEA Seaweed will make a difference to your farm and to your life!

SEA Seaweed Soluble

SEA Soluble Seaweed can be used as a drench or added to drinking water of stock. It can also be sprayed over hay bales before feeding. It has been proven in trials at Texas Tech University that cattle feeding on pasture that has previously been sprayed with Ascophyllum nodosum have strengthened immune systems.

We have found through trials that cattle will actively seek out areas sprayed with SEA Seaweed and favour it over pasture that isn't sprayed. This was proved where we sprayed a square of about 100 sqm in the middle of a paddock and the rest was left. When cattle were later introduced the area sprayed with SEA Seaweed was highly favoured and soon became obvious - it was grazed almost to the ground in a nearly perfect square.

With pasture plants benefiting from a better root base, improved nutrient supply and greater chlorophyll content they provide improved nutrition to the grazing animals. In addition the sprayed pastures recover quicker from grazing or cutting for hay giving shorter turn around times. Trials with SEA Seaweed have shown that it increases the protein content of pasture as well as increasing nutrient uptake.

SEA Seaweed Meal

SEA Seaweed Meal is a great addition to the animal health on your farm. Dairy cattle, beef, goats, sheep, horses, dogs, chickens, worms and microbes... all living things can benefit from the trace elements, vitamins, minerals and fibre. Ascophyllum nodosum also contains prebiotics for digestive health, improving microflora and ensuring your livestock are able to gain the best nutrition from their feed.

Dairy farmers report an increase in milk production and butter fat content. Beef cattle produce more muscle. Fertility rates and calf productivity are increased, with cows producing more calves over their life cycle.

Phlurotannins in Ascophyllum have been proven to reduce bloat and improve protein utilisation plus productivity when incorporated into the feed. This produces larger, more meaty cattle and sheep. In another incredible breakthrough Texas University have proven that meat from animals that have been on pastures sprayed with Ascophyllum nodosum actually has a longer shelf life! 

SEA Seaweed video

This is Grahame talking to his old mate Bill Rockley of Fuller Seeds. Bill is a long time customer and has been with us since the early days, as you'll hear...

They are talking about Bill's pasture - his boss came up from Brisbane especially to see it. Bill talks about how he slashed it and then hit it with SEAweed, and you should see the results!


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