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Seaperia Seaweed Meal 25kg



Seaperia Seaweed Meal in a big 25kg bag.

For these agricultural quantities we need you to contact us before purchase so that we can organise the most economical way to get it to you. 

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Contact Liz for pricing by the pallet (40 bags) or half pallet (20 bags).

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Seaperia Ascophyllum nodosum Seaweed Meal is a fantastic supplement for livestock, dogs, cats, chooks, horses, even budgies or cockatiels. All living things can benefit from the trace elements, vitamins, minerals and fibre. Ascophyllum nodosum also contains prebiotics for digestive health, improving microflora and ensuring your animals are able to gain the best nutrition from their feed.

It is also great in pot plants as a mineraliser and for its water holding capacity, and can be added to composts and worm farms.
Seaperia Meal is sustainably harvested from the icy waters off the Norwegian coast - this is 100% pure organic seaweed. 

SEA Seaweed for healthy plants, animals, soils, people and planet!

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