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Seaperia Pure Soluble Seaweed Granules for vegetables, crops, fruit trees 250g




Discover the power of pure Seaweed and see what it can do for your garden, crops, livestock and pets.
Seaperia Soluble Seaweed is super-concentrated - just one level teaspoon makes 10 litres of spray. This 250 gram pack will cover a quarter hectare of crops or pasture - if you have an average small acreage or backyard garden you will be spraying month after month with just this pack!
Our Seaweed is simply the best Seaweed you can buy. Sustainably harvested from the icy waters off the Norwegian coast, Seaperia is 100% pure Ascophyllum nodosum.
This natural, organic gift from the sea is the most complete and perfectly balanced concentrated source of trace elements and minerals available. With its naturally occurring growth hormones, chelating agents, plus vitamins and amino-acids, Seaperia is a power-house of natural goodness. 

This 250g pack is suitable for gardens, backyard veggies and fruit trees - makes enough spray to use on your garden for 3 to 6 months.

Seaperia for healthy plants, animals, soils, people and planet! 

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