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100% pure Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed

Did you know there is a perfect natural substance that can improve the health of almost every living thing on our planet?

A gift from Mother Nature that is the secret to lush plant growth, healthy soil, nutritious fruit and vegetables and thriving animals?

You might be surprised that the answer is... Seaweed!

But not just any seaweed. 

Seaperia is 100% pure Ascophyllum nodosum, the world's best Seaweed, sustainably harvested from the ice-cold waters of the Norwegian coast.

This super nutrient from the sea is one of the most complete natural nutrient sources available - with trace elements and organic minerals, vitamins, alginates and powerful natural growth promoters you have a perfectly balanced powerhouse of goodness. And Seaperia is so concentrated that just 1 level teaspoon of Seaperia soluble seaweed makes a whopping 10 litres of seaweed solution, and for farms just 1 kilogram makes enough for an entire hectare!

We at SEA have been using and selling this powerful seaweed in Australia since the 1970s, seeing the benefits of using it first hand on farms and gardens just like yours, so it's no wonder we’re known as The Seaweed Experts.  

For our family Seaweed is our life and passion, you can read more about our story here.

Seaweed was once a little secret for those using less conventional agriculture methods and keen organic farmers and gardeners, but now seaweed is widely used everywhere.

You can purchase Seaperia direct from us with no middle man, saving you money and giving you access to 100% pure Ascophyllum nodosum - the very best seaweed you can buy - at wholesale prices.
We sell everything from small packs for our home gardeners who want super-healthy vegies, right up to pallets for big landholders, and we will get it to you for the best price possible no matter where you are in Australia.

Seaweed improves the health of every living thing, from the micro-organisms in the soil through to cattle and horses.

If you want healthy plants, healthy animals, healthy soil and a healthy planet, you need Seaperia, the Superior Seaweed!

Seaperia promotes healthy growth of plants and crops

Seaperia activates microbial activity in soils and compost

Seaperia promotes overall health of animals and poultry

Seaperia is pure Ascophyllum nodosum

You don't pay for water.
No added sterilisers or stabilisers.
95% less plastic waste than liquid seaweed products.
Less weight - easy to pick up, use and transport.

Sustainable, Pure and Organic - Seaperia truly is The Superior Seaweed

A Unique Vision - Our SEAhub Farms

Are you a farmer wanting to save money on freight and meet like-minded farmers in your area?
Get your seaweed directly from one of our SEAhub Farms.

We have SEAhub Farms near Ingham, Ayr, Mackay and Lismore which means you don’t have high transport costs for your Seaperia. 

Our SEAhubs hold pallets of Seaperia at their farm, so all you have to do is order and pay, then drop in and pick up your Seaweed.
Our SEAhub Farmers are friendly and share our passion for Seaweed. And at SEA we believe that the power of farmers learning from each other and working together is a formidable force for good.

What our long-time customers say...

Grahame West, aka The Seaweed Man, talking to Robert Watson, CEO "that'll do" of Mungalli Creek Dairy. Grahame and Rob have been friends for many years, and Rob credits Grahame with encouraging him all those years ago to investigate farming methods beyond what are generally considered conventional.

Robert's family believe that food should be produced as naturally as possible and they use Biodynamic farming principles to produce their superior range of milks, yoghurts and cheeses. Their products are much loved across Queensland, and their high standards are reflected in the dozens of Dairy Industry awards adorning the walls of their Out of the Whey Teahouse. They also have pastured laying hens producing super-nutritious Bio Eggs.

Our SEAblog is chockers with information about Seaweed, regenerative farming and lots more. Start right here......

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Grab your $10 trial pack now and we'll pay the postage!
You'll get enough Seaperia Soluble Seaweed to make around 50 litres of spray, plus a trial size Seaperia Meal.
It's all you need to discover how pure and natural our Seaweed really is, and join us all on the path to happy and healthy plants, animals, soils, people and planet!

We'd love to hear from you! What are you up to? Do you have questions? Tell us your stories or experiences with Seaweed.

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