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"At SEA we are driven to build a company with impeccable ethical standards and a determination to do what is absolutely best for the future of our children and our planet.
And we believe Seaweed is the key."

Seaweed Suppliers to Australia

At Seaweed Enterprises Australia we source the world's very best Seaweeds to bring you a range of products
that are organic, sustainable and ethically produced.

Seaweed boosts the health of every living thing,
from the plants and crops we grow, to our animals, pets and livestock, to ourselves and our family.

Explore our website and discover how Seaweed
can make a positive difference to what you grow, to your life and to our planet's health.

Seaperia - our exclusive brand

Seaperia is 100% pure Ascophyllum nodosum, the particular seaweed species proven to be the best in the world for plant and animal health. 

Seaperia Soluble is dry granules, super-concentrated and completely soluble.
Seaperia Meal is fresh wild harvested then simply dried and crushed.






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Seagreens - our brand partner

Seagreens is the world's finest seaweed for human nutrition.
We have partnered with Seagreens UK to bring you a range of superior food seaweed including capsules, granules and powders. 
Seagreens® seaweed is the product of experienced selection, sustainable harvesting, world-leading processing, and award-winning nutrition research.

Our SEA blog is chockers with articles about seaweed, regenerative farming and lots more. Check it out here......

Urea and Our World

The Urea Nitrogen Story is much bigger than you may think. It is actually an extension of World War Two and the stockpiles of nitrogen for making the millions of explosive munitions used in thatRead more

The Science of Seaweed

Recently there was a comment on our online chat... "this is not evidence based" That was it.  My first thought was "you have got to be kidding! Seaweed is one of the most researched organisms onRead more

Organic minerals

Elements are the building blocks of the universe, and of life on Earth.  All life on Earth is based on the element carbon. Interestingly there is speculation that life on other planets could beRead more

Seaperia vs good old NPK

Firstly I want to say... this isn't rocket science, it is good old common sense and it works. I am simply sharing our knowledge and adding a very simple tool to your line up of effective, non-toxicRead more

It works 5 times faster!

Seaperia Soluble Seaweed Spray works five times faster when sprayed onto the leaf and not the soil... this is a fact.  Foliar sprays are preferred by many growers these days because they can seeRead more

Organic hay - a personal experience

We always love hearing from you, no matter where you are or what you do, whether you use our Seaperia or not. I particularly loved this. It's a couple of comments that were actually on a facebookRead more

From little things big things grow....

This blog is about the future… and I hope so much that in a few years time I’ll look back at these words and say “we’ve come a long way!”. There is no doubt that our world is changing –Read more

Be Brave

Where do you want your farm and yourself to be in 5, 10 or 20 years? Do you want to be doing what you're doing now? Chances are, if you're reading this blog, you want more. You are doing yourRead more

Fruit trees + Seaperia = sweet success!

Over the years fruit in general has become virtually tasteless in comparison with what can be remembered in years gone by... not so long ago I was in the north of England at the site of an old farmRead more

Change is scarey (but it doesn't have to be)

The world is changing. That’s nothing new. What’s new is the rate of change now that information is so easily and quickly accessible, and so easy to share. How we grow food is changing, and soRead more

Supercharge your soil with Seaweed

Take the next great step in Natural Regeneration by fixing more Carbon than you ever dreamed of, in the shortest time imaginable, without breaking the bank, buying fancy equipment or digging up yourRead more

Seaweed, Dog Teeth and Fresh Breath!

Lately we’ve had more and more enquiries from pet owners asking if our Ascophyllum nodosum Seaweed is good for their dog’s dental health. Well yes it is! Just take a look at this commentRead more

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Seaweed Enterprises Australia Pty Ltd is an Australian family company based on the Atherton Tablelands and delivering across Australia through our Melbourne warehouse, our SEA Hub Farm network and our online store.

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